Friday, 28 March 2014

Northwind Owl

I've been working exclusively on Northwind Owl, gunning for a happy dance. It hasn't happened yet and I seem to not make much progress. The couching is really time consuming, and I keep forgetting that I have yet to finish the stitching! My fault though, for racing ahead. I just want a finish, damnit!

Hopefully I have this done and dusted before I leave for New Zealand. I think I'll stitch a few smalls after this, give me some reprieve from this big projects. :)

Thursday, 27 March 2014

Stitch from Stash March

It's almost the end of March! Not that exciting in itself, but in early April I'm heading off to New Zealand for three weeks and I can't wait. I was supposed to go to NZ last October, but I had to cancel with a week to go because I needed surgery. Not. fun. times.

But this holiday is going to be even better than the trip I planned in October. I'm so excited.

Now, down to business. This month I spent $4.99 on a cross stitch ezine. A new publication, called New Age Cross Stitch.

I don't really like the charts on the front (I was kinda hoping they'd be more inside, but alas...) but I really like the idea of this style of magazine and I wanted to support it. :) You can buy it from Colour Cascade Fabrics.

So I spent $5 out of $25 allowed for this month, bringing me to $7 for the year so far.

No new starts, no finishes. But I do have a nice juicy happy dance brewing. :P

Monday, 17 March 2014

WIPocalypse March

Oops, I had a draft post ready to go a few days ago and completely forgot about it! I'm still plugging away on Snowy Owl (who's correct and more imperial sounding name is Northwind Owl). I've just started the couching.

 Ergh, couching.

Still, it really does make this design.
Some of those weirdly shaped gaps in the stitching make sense now. 

This month I also made it to 75% on The Lookout.
Their vacant little eyes look a bit creepy to me... 
So I'd say it's been quite a productive month! This month's WIPocalypse question is show us your favorite places to stitch.

Sadly, my favourite stitching place is not set up at the moment. My craft room is quite a variable beast, with a folding table, beanbag and bookcases lining the walls. I tend to shift stuff around as I need to, and at the moment my sewing machine is set up, and my stitching setup with beanbag and lamp is not. When I don't need my setup (which I really only require for over one stuff) I stitch on my couch, or in bed.

Friday, 7 March 2014

Snowy Owl

I've been working away on a Dimensions kit recently, Snowy Owl. 
I think it's a stunning design, but it's not the most relaxing thing to stitch. Most of the background involves dragging five strands of floss through stiff, starched Aida. You can really feel it in your hands and shoulders after an hour of stitching. So I'm looking forward to finishing this off soon! 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Stitch from Stash temptations!

Yesterday I was really tempted to splurge on some patterns. I discovered FireWing Designs and, well... they're stunning!

And then there's Ink Circle's new design Lunation.

I love it! Especially since there's an Australian Earth view (we often miss out... :()

But did I succumb? No! Well, not yet. :P

How is everyone else going with their Stitch from Stash resolutions?

Sunday, 2 March 2014

The year marches on

How on earth is it March already? I feel like it was November just yesterday! I've been stitching a little on this guy lately. It's hard to tell what he is at the moment, but he's a tropical fish of some manner. I can't remember what exactly. :P Progress is a little slow, as the chart is difficult to follow. I think it was made by hand on a computer using Wingdings. The symbols are things like glasses, book, telephone... They're challenging to read at a glance and I'm constantly checking and double checking.
I'm not looking forward to the beads and metallic thread. Those do not frog so easily. :S

Enlighten has just started. It's a light-based festival in the heart of the city, where the major attractions are lit at night with beautiful, dynamic designs. Below is Questacon, the national science museum, in beautiful blue crystals.

And this is the National Portrait Gallery, in a lovely ruins style slowly being overgrown by greenery.

There's also lots of performances, live music, food and general frivolity. :)