Wipocalypse 2014

The WIPs (as of 28th April 2014)

The Lookout - Jayne Netley Mayhew
Started April 2008 - 75% complete
I've been working on this stitch most years since I started it, five years ago (*gulp*). It's lovely to stitch and I adore the fabric. I just had a heavy frogging session this year and it dampened my enthusiasm. But I'm determined to make progress on this in 2014.

Autumn Dragon - Patricia Allison
Started 2010? - 30% complete
This is the most difficult stitch I'm working on. Blending and metallics and beads, oh my! I really love the design though. It's just a slow, slow plod.

Northwind Owl - Dimensions
Started 2012 - Finished March 2014!

The Witching Hour - Heaven and Earth Designs
Started December 2013 - 10% complete
A recent start and the stitch currently in my frame. I love it! Absolutely adore stitching this and I'm going to be a little heartbroken when it rotates off my frame at the end of January. I'm making good progress and should see this done in a few years.

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