Thursday, 16 January 2014

It's a full moon! (Again!)

Haha! Here's my first WIPocalypse post for 2014. I'm only working on four WIPs for this challenge, but I managed to stitch on two of them this month. As I mentioned in my last post I finished by first page on The Witching Hour HAED. So great progress there. I also put a bit of time in on The Lookout.

I've made really good progress on these guys too, stitching the half a 'kat you can see on the right. I started using a stitching lamp/magnifier/chart holder when I was working on my HAED and now I can't seem to stitch without it! Combine that with my new 'no turning' method for starting and ending threads and my needle now zooms along. I'm so chuffed with how The Lookout is going. My half-hearted goal of finishing it this year seems almost possible.

Now for the WIPocalypse introduction. I've already outlined my projects here. As you can see I tend to stitch realistic animal patterns; it's something I just adore. I also enjoy stitching smalls like ornaments, biscornus, scissor fobs... But my real love is animals. :)

I stitch on both Aida and evenweave, but can't stand linen. I love opalescent and hand dyed fabric and thread.

My goals for this year are
  • finish The Lookout
  • get some nice progress done on The Witching Hour
  • finish a page of Autumn Dragon
  • potentially finish Northwind Owl.
I'm ahead of the curve here (damn you Australia and your proximity to the international date line) and I'm so looking forward to seeing everyone else's WIPocalypse posts. :)

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